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Stretch Marks!-Make them almost invisible

Posted on June 13, 2013

This is the link for the STM Scar and Stretchmarks Cream This is the link t...
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  1. I’m 14 and have the on my back :

  2. im light brown skinned and i have had stretch marks on my inner thighs for about 3 years they are light so do you think if i use this cream will it vanish it fast since my stretch mark is not so dark?

  3. For some reason females tend to have very strong leg muscles and because of this we get tempted and start adding weight to our routine too quickly and that’s why we end up with stretch marks. I have to admit my behind looked nice and bigger when I started the gym because I was lifting weights but I did it too fast and got those few stretch marks which right now are practically vanished.

  4. Unfortunately, when you are skinny you run the risk of getting stretch marks when you gain weight or lift weight which is what happened to me. If they are pink that means they are fresh stretch marks and now it is easier for you to lighten them so that they seem almost vanished. Find a good stretch mark cream you like and use it every single day at least twice a day. Keep the area moisturized at all times and don’t lift too much weight quickly. I made that mistake.

  5. Hi,

    I didn’t take pictures sorry. = / I am still using this cream to be proactive and I just recently incorporated a skin tightening cream to my skin routine.

  6. Can you please show a before and after pic? if you do have one.. 

  7. it happens the same thing to me, i stated the gym and i am 20 and not fat and went to lift weights and now i have red, pink and semi-purple stretch marks on my arms, they are really distasteful, i am latin so my skin is a mixture, not white not black i would not know how to describe its tone, but i have been taking vitamin E and apling also Vit.E creams and i have seen them get lessen a bit but yet they are really really hard to get rid of, and i do hope i can be one of the exceptions.hofefully


  9. Hey! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Strectozine Secrets (do a google search), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you ever tried method called Strectozine Secrets? I’ve heard several incredible things about it and my buddy completely erase her stretch mark naturally with this method.

  10. Check out my channel and subscribe! I have amazing all natural products that will dramatically reduce, and sometimes eliminate stretch marks.


  12. Don’t cry, I know how it feels! I’ve had stretch marks ever since I was 14 as well-not a teen anymore. I recommend you drink lots of water (do not exceed the 8 cups a day), drink collagen supplements (GNC), try bio-oil, eat fruits and vegetables…AND most importantly, accept the fact that NOBODY’S PERFECT! You’re beautiful just the way you are, and I know it’s tough- I’ve been that age, had that problem- but I can now say that I’m A LOT more confident! Learn to love and embrace yourself !Gby:)

  13. When stretch marks are white it means they are old and it is somewhat more difficult to make them less visible. So, focus on using products geared specifically for stretch marks in order to avoid them from getting worst and make them less visible. Now is when you are on time to attack that problem. But don’t feel bad a lot of girls have stretch marks they just don’t go around talking about it.

  14. It’s so embarrassing I cry because I have them between my thighs and I’m only 14. And they’re purple just cuz I had a big growth spurt. I’m not fatt

  15. @beiojxr yes i mean it It was very unhappy days in my life coz of acne:( btw! It was my unforgotable days when i use a effective acne removal method and still there is no mark in my face. all that changed to my acne free face is describing insdie this video. Have a look =>

  16. Yes, it works on old white stretch marks. The stretch marks I had are not completely gone yet but they are less visible. I’m on my 4th bottle already and I am going to continue using it until they are almost gone.

  17. The stretch marks that I had were also white and after using three of these bottle they are less visible. I’m on my 4th bottle because while using this product I’ve seen results. I included right under the video the direct link of the place where I buy this product.

  18. and where do you bought this product ?

  19. I have the same question , does it work on white stretch marks ?

  20. Does it work on white (old) stretch marks?

  21. Am a bodybuilder
    Stretch marks SUCK ASS :(

  22. ill tell you sth,i dont need them lighter,i need them darker cuz my skin is white enough and even in summer skin gets darker and stretchmarks stay the same or get lighter!!btw i have kinda older ones,the ones in the upper skin and im 21,what can i do???

  23. wheres your accent from?

  24. Thank god I’m 13 and I have them on my ass I’m going to boots first thing.

  25. Oh my gosh, I have the same problem and totally thought I was alone in this! I also have eczema, which I can never seem to get under control enough to stop using my prescription cream, which happens to cause thinning skin and thus this really unfortunate looking stretch marks. I just don’t know what to do about them since it’s such a vicious cycle. Have you had any luck with anything?

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